“When the economy is in recession, we all lose. More people are buying less tickets, resulting in the inability to experience their favorite events. Lower ticket sales are resulting in half empty venues, lower returns for event organizers, and the artists suffer from a growing lack of support for their live performances. This all changes now!”
Jeremie Durand, Founder | PlayEN Inc.

Presenting PlayAllAccess!

PlayAllAccess is a new event based subscription service offered by the Play Entertainment Network.

PlayAllAccess members gain exclusive access to discover and claim FREE TICKETS to thousands of events happening around them, anywhere in the world! Simply browse our massive list of events, find one that says "Claim Tickets", claim your tickets, and go! No credit cards, no fees, no hassle!

Ok, go on...

With Play, everybody wins! Artists, event organizers, and venues maximize event attendance, resulting in more people going out and experiencing their favorite events! Additionally our favorite venues become full, and artists receive more support and increased exposure for their performances!

Our Goals

1. Enable more people to attend more events!
2. Maximize event exposure and attendance for venues and event organizers.
3. Increase exposure, awareness and support for LIVE MUSIC events and artists.

Which events are included in the PlayAllAccess pass?

All sorts! Simply browse our massive list of events at www.Playen.co, browse any category, any city, and any events you see with a "Claim Tickets" icon qualifies for the PlayAllAccess membership! Sometimes we even have access to sold out shows and large festivals!

Unlimited events? What’s the catch?

(How many events can I attend each month?)
Yes, unlimited events! That means go out every night! (if you can manage it). There are two small catches though:
1. Any user can only hold a maximum of 4 active* tickets at any given time. This means if you're maxed out at 4 tickets, you will need to use at least 1 of those tickets before being able to claim another one.
2. Any user can only claim a maximum of 2 tickets per event. This prevents scalping of tickets, and also ensures fair access to tickets by all our users.
  (* A ticket is considered “active” if the event date is still upcoming. All tickets with event dates that have passed are considered as “inactive”.)

What if I change my mind or can’t attend?

No problem, you can return any ticket anytime at least 4 hours before the event start time. Unfortunately we cannot process any returns after this time because reports, and other data, will be sent to the event organizer at that time.

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope! One low monthly fee per month and that's it! We promise!

Are there time restrictions on redeeming the tickets?

Some events may have time restrictions, all information regarding time restrictions will be presented on your ticket!

How long before the event can I claim a ticket?

In general, tickets will become unavailable to claim 4 hours before each event. This could change upon specific requests from the event organizers.

Are different types of tickets and seating available?

Yes, when claiming a ticket, all the different ticket types and seating will be presented to you for you to choose from. If the ticket is listed as “General Ticket” or “General Seating”, it will be in the hands of the event organizer how you will be seated.

What type of commitment must I make and how can I cancel?

Our subscription runs on a month to month basis, you can quit anytime! To cancel, simply visit your profiles settings page.

I’m an artist, event organizer or venue manager, and I’m interested!

We thought you would be ;) Click here for more details!

I have More questions...

Contact us and we will respond!